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Digital Exhibit: Memories/Motifs is a digital extension of my dissertation that traces the narratives of three different Holocaust survivors in postwar America.  The Holocaust stories of Kurt Meier, Irene Guttman, and “Hannah” were told multiple times in a variety of media, including radio, print, and performance.  The exhibit marks the changes in narrative as each story was transformed from one media to another and highlights themes of early Holocaust survivor representations such as immigration, Americana, and children.

Blog: Thoughts inspired by Postwar Holocaust Memory


Research Team Member | “The Ethics of the Algorithm,” Todd Presner, P.I.
Center for Digital Humanities, UCLA (2013 – present)


Project Consultant | The Gail Project, Alan Christy, P.I., UC Santa Cruz 


Coordinating Member | Digital Humanities Research Cluster, UC Santa Cruz

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Director of Digital Strategies | Sephardi Lives:  A Documentary History of the Ottoman Judeo-Spanish World & its Diaspora, 1700-1950 (Stanford University Press, 2014), Sarah Abrevaya Stein and Julia Phillips Cohen, editors
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Editoral Contributor | “Hugo Ballin’s Los Angeles,” Mapping Jewish Los Angeles
Center for Jewish Studies, UCLA

News coverage: “Hugo Ballin: The Jewish muralist of Los Angeles,” Jewish Journal


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Sarah Abrevaya Stein (UCLA), Aron Rodrigue (Stanford), Julia Philips Cohen (Vanderbilt), Association for Jewish Studies (, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center (Skokie, IL: