Teaching Interests

Holocaust & Genocide Studies; Digital Humanities; Memories & Representations of War; Holocaust Literature and Film; Modern Jewish History; American Jewish History

Recent + Upcoming Courses

History 77, Visualizing American Jewish History, Fall 2018 | UC Santa Cruz
History 185N, The Holocaust in a Digital World, Winter 2018 + Fall 2016 | UC Santa Cruz

Past Teaching Experience

Judaic Studies 211, The Holocaust, Fall 2013 | University of Southern California
Honors Collegium 2, Comparative Study of Genocide, Fall 2012, Winter 2009 – 2012 | UCLA
German 59, Holocaust in Literature and Film, Winter 2013 | UCLA
History 183A, Third Reich and Jews (1933-1939), Winter 2009 (reader) | UCLA
History 183B, The Third Reich and the Jews: The Years of Extermination (1939-1945), Spring 2009 (reader) | UCLA
Honors 125, Communities and Nations in Conflict: Theory and Practice of International Conflict Resolution, Spring 2013 | UCLA
History 1C, Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa 1715 to Present, Fall 2009 | UCLA
History 182, Jewish Civilization: The Encounter with Great World Cultures, Spring 2009 (reader) | UCLA

Additional Teaching Experience


“Getting started with Digital Humanities”

“Research Methods for the Humanities”; “Building a Better Online Identity”; “Twitter 101”; “Zotero”

Invited Lectures

“Doing Digital History: Memories/Motifs as Case Study,” Digital History (History 100A) | UC Santa Cruz

“Digital Exhibit Building,” Art of the Book in Western Europe from 600-1500 (HAVC 191R) | UC Santa Cruz

“Persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany: From Hitler’s ascension to power (1933) to Liberation (1945),” Comparative Genocide (Honors 2) | UCLA

“Forced Migration: Holocaust as Case Study,” International Politics of Forced Migration (Politics 164) | UC Santa Cruz

“Roots of Nazism: Traditional Anti-Judaism to Modern Anti-Semitism,” Comparative Genocide (Honors 2) | UCLA